Brainwave Entrainment Software

NP3 changes your brainwaves through a neurological process known as brainwave entrainment.
 If light and sound stimuli are precisely timed to the electrical activity of the brain, brainwave patterns can be altered. In turn, the mental state of a person can reliably be changed. As an example, someone who is wide awake may start to feel relaxed and drowsy when given a stimulus corresponding to a relaxed brainwave pattern. 

In short, that's how brainwave entrainment works, and 70 years after its discovery it is being widely used for a huge variety of purposes. 
Neuro-Programmer 3 takes advantage of the latest research in this field to deliver the most effective neural stimulation experience. 

Inspired and informed by the best practices and research in the fields of psychology, neurology, and audio-visual stimulation studies, Neuro-Programmer 3 is a software application with unlimited potential and broad capabilities. Although it is incredibly simple to use, it remains one of the most effective self-help tools available today.

To get started using this technology is easy. All you have to do is download a brainwave entrainment program and play it from your computer. If you can't relax at your desk, try exporting to CD or an MP3 player.

This technology is safe, inexpensive and effective. And, trying it out is 100% free. For beginners it is recommend that you start with the Neuro-Programmer software

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