Astral travel and lucid dreaming
If you could spend the day, (or night), with someone as talented as Elvis Presley, where would you go, what would you do, having been given the chance?

Perhaps you would create material for a new album or hit movie.

Maybe Bruce Lee could give you a little guidance on how to shake that bully off your back, once at for all!

I bet that Marilyn Monroe could use a little helping hand, holding that dress down, Right? or maybe not!

Well believe it or not,with a little help from this hypnosis session, it really is possible using this powerful, sleep management technique.

Have you even heard about Lucid Dreaming or Astral Travel yet?


OK, stay with me for a minute and I'll explain.

Lucid dreaming is what happens when you are able to actually wake up inside of your dream...

You become conscious and aware.

You may be gifted with the ability to be in control of every aspect of your dream!

Most people have had this occur at least a few times in their lifetime but, 99% of the population have no idea, that they can activate this ability every single night, once they are aware of the technique.

Imagine this...

You get comfortable as normal and fall soundly asleep.

The next thing you notice, is that you're sitting in a chair, in a well-lit room and across from the table in front of you sits none other than...

Wait for it...

Non other than Albert Einstein.

And he says," Ask me anything. I have so much to share with the world."

... And you then, get to pick his brains...

Or, let's say you're very afraid of something.

You could conjure up the world's best psychologist to help you get rid of your fear or phobia forever...

If you are a singer or musician, you would love the freedom of playing your instrument at the highest level, maybe create a new masterpiece or become the next big #1 singing chart topper for 2014.

Let your imagination run wild and your personal adventures begin, check out these amazing Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel techniques.

Many of the world's greatest inventors, musicians, poets, authors, artists and visionaries all claim that they had received their ideas and inprirations, whilst day dreaming or being asleep and now you can learn to be in control of them too!

Don't forget, with Astral Travel, you can now spend the night with anyone you want...

Past, Present or Future!

Find out more about Lucid Dreaming and other life changing abillities, on my Spiritual Empowerment page, over at Rebelmouse

Sweet Dreams, My Friends ;o)
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