Law Of Attraction Seeding System

The weird and wonderful, magnetic force of the Universe known as 'Seeding' is truly miraculous.

To Seed, is an act of free will, to assist someone who is in need. Giving your energy, money or time, to another will automatically open the doors to the flow of abundance.

The feel good factor, of giving really promotes positives vibes, therefore magnetises the return of similar results back to you, the provider of kindness and when you offer produce, a product, skills or your talents to another, your efforts are always rewarded or paid back many times over their original value.

What goes around comes around and with generous increase!

The Universe will always repay you for your actions, whether good or bad and always with extreme profit! You must know and trust, that what you give is what you get + interest.

This is the law of attraction in action.

This is the way our Universe works.

There are many mentions of tithing 10% of ones income, in the bible, as a kind of tax system, paid directly to the church but, tithing or seeding, isn't about giving to 'Ye Olde Church Roof Fund', It's about giving in general, giving to anyone with a true purpose of helping them to live a better life.

Seeding is about giving from your heart and that's when you will be compensated for your actions!

Planting seeds (giving), on a regular basis will help you to reap, miraculous results from the Universe.

There is no knowing when the rewards will be paid, how much you will be given and who will pay them to you. (this is the fun part)

It is written in ancient texts, that you will be paid 10 fold for your generosity, so what does this mean?

 Ten times as great or as much. adverb. 3. in tenfold measure: good deeds rewarded tenfold

Origin: 1150–1200; Middle English; Old English tienfeald

10 fold is 10 times your donation amounts or 10 times your acts of kindness.

Right, whilst out walking in town, you spot somebody busking in the street, they have a hat beside them for donations. You decide to toss a 10p coin into the hat and carry on walking. As you turn the corner, you notice a coin in the curb. After a quick look around to see no ones looking, (we humans are like that), You pick up the coin and feel overjoyed to find it's a £1 coin!

£0.10p x ten-fold = £1.00

Coincidence or the law of attraction seeding system in action?

 In the Koran, the Holy Book of Islam: "He that doeth good Shall have ten times As much to his credit" (Sura VI:160).

Take a look at how quick this system works, starting with just a penny. (the lowest value coin in the UK)

1p x ten-fold = 10p
10p x ten-fold = £1
£1 x ten-fold = £10
£10 x ten-fold = £100
£100 x ten-fold = £1000
£1000 x ten-fold = 10.000

Just 6 donations from the heart and we are looking at 5 figure sums, this is truly a powerful system!

Now, you just need to have complete trust and let the law of attraction seeding system, work it's wonders.

When the universal power of the seeding system has given you, your desired amount, simply come back here and select the next level to create more.

To make the law of attraction seeding system work faster, you can listen out for instructions from your higher self, the source, God, the Divine or whoever it is, that you hold true faith in.

Be more receptive, meditate or just find quiet times and moments of peace and money making ideas may seem to appear from out of the blue.

Forgotten debts may suddenly, be paid back to you. Gut feelings or intuition may lead you to much greater rewards.

Be more observant, money may come to you from expected and unexpected sources, so be ready to receive mysterious cheques that may arrive in your mail box, as gifts from the heavens above.

Coins will start to show up in the street and other random places, just look for them and more will appear.

Did you know that giving is a daily ritual of some of the world's most richest people?

Obviously we cannot guarantee any returns with the seeding system, if you are not prepared to receive, because it is up to you to be alert, take action and be open minded, to any ideas, guidance or offers that may arise in your life.

Alternatively, if you are finding it difficult to magnetise money, check out this powerful hypnosis audio, that will program your mind to receive more money via the law of attraction.

Start your flow of abundance today by seeding to this blog, using...

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