7th Sense World intuition Summit
Remember when you were a child, you heard voices, saw colours, were fascinated by stories of magic, fairies, auras and angels and different forms of energy?

Remember how if you connected with it they placated you or diminished you or dismissed it all by calling it "just your imagination" and they may have humoured you but gave it little to no credence?

Remember how they told you in the bible, to enter the kingdom of heaven you had to be like a child?

And remember how when you started to come into your own they told you to put away childish things?

And they withdrew their love and you felt blocked and/or confused?

Fast Forward to today when information in your consciousness is constantly referring to new magical experiences and spiritual awakenings...

There is a new realm of being and discovery being formed from our inner internal dimensions beyond physicality which is unfolding in us all as a new 7th Sense.

Those of us focused on personal growth and development are surfing the very cutting edge of it... I contend that we are witness to a species electromagnetic shift so profound that all history will pale in comparison to our newly released and developed inner luminosity.

 The 7th SENSE has appeared. And it is cutting neural pathways in us the sages of the ages would be jealous of: inner light shows, infinite time warps, time collapses, dimensional communication, telepathy, synchronises, clairvoyant, and light-body travel...

Not to mention intuition and guidance that sometimes spans lifetimes...

Have you experienced or had any glimpses of these powers?...

I have... And I want to enhance or initiate several of these for you and that's why I have teamed up with Harrison Klein who has put together The World Intuition Summit.

These gifts are in and for everyone (no exceptions) but you've got to have the courage to accept them.

This open tele-summit of new cutting edge information and experience designed to access your 7th sense.

They'll be bringing you 35+ of the world's most profound and avaunt guard teachers on the planet to help you soar into your undiscovered vastness.

These gifts are sensational and throughout the ages have been reserved for people we often identify as special or weird, but who have done undeniable and yet amazing things. They were test pilots of source expansion. (Advanced scouts of Love Possibility Seeds).

It’s our belief this fire of infinite love growth is now coming into species fruition for the first time across the entire sweep of humanity and the feeling is spectacular.

Over the next weeks and months we are going to be plowing the rows of ground to plant the seeds of these awakenings for you and when the sprouts break ground your life will never be the same again.

Imagine access to infinite information, immeasurable bliss, knowledge of everything, remote viewing, direct connection to source, the delight of feeling and seeing the energy that creates galaxies flowing through you and more... The ways of source expansion are infinite.

We're on this planet for 3 reasons, each other, joy and expansion. How we do that is our choice. How do you want to experience yours?

What extra-sensory awareness have you heard about or contemplated you'd like to unlock in you?

Are you aware that nearly every great accomplishment of man credits intuition as its beginning, middle and end...?

The infinite range of wild and phenomenal abilities and gifts we each carry is generally dormant until we activate it, but most of us have forgotten how or ignore it. Now let’s pay attention and bathe in the beauty and delight of pure access.

We can all do it and don't forget intuition can make you sensationally rich too…

Open your 7th Sense and let the light breakthrough!

Peace & Plenty, John M Powers
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