Hypnosis sessions are a great way to reprogram yourself to think, act and respond  in new ways.

But, there is a little trick you can use that will  make them much more effective (this trick can  be used with live sessions or recorded ones).

With Hypnosis we're looking to influence the subconscious mind, and the most popular way of doing this is with VERBAL suggestions given by the Hypnotist.
But you can magnify the power of hypnosis by adding ACTUAL ACTION.
Let's say you'd like to stop smoking. Rather than just listening to a session, I would suggest first before you listen to it, you actually skip one of your normal cigarettes.

This REAL experience creates new neural pathways that will be reinforced and expanded with the hypnosis session.
If you want to lose weight, make a healthy food choice or exercise BEFORE the session. 

This way the hypnosis is building on something that is real and already there.
Whatever new outcome you're looking to create, perform some actual action (no matter how small) that you would take if that outcome really happened.
This will give your hypnosis sessions much more power.
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Best wishes to you my friend, John  M Powers :o)

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