The unlimited abundance program

The truth is, most people are in a state of energetic gridlock, when it comes to manifesting the life we want and that's because there are 24 Abundance Blocks, causing serious energetic "congestion" in your life.

The unlimited abundance program is a multimedia course for eliminating each of your abundance blocks, one after the other.

Christie Marie Sheldon is without a doubt one of the finest energetic healers out there today and she has not only identified each one of these 24 specific "Abundance Blocks" - she has also figured out some simple techniques to help you painlessly eliminate them.

Experience sudden rushes of creative ideas and even dreams that lead to more abundance, like suddenly realizing a way to reach out to more customers, finding a way to better manage your debt, or discovering a no-brainer investment opportunity that’s been under your nose all this time.

Suddenly find yourself living in a state of optimal work-life balance, where you know exactly how much time and energy to invest in your career to make it successful, and when to clock out so your family, friends and hobbies get the attention they deserve.

Transform yourself into a catalyst for positive change for the planet by inspiring others with your success and abundance, and having the financial means to support your favourite charities and spark social movements in your community.

Start experiencing serendipitous moments in your everyday life like never before, like finding a surprise cheque in the mail, meeting your future business partner at a bus stop, or stumbling on a book that turns your life around.

See for yourself, how Christie Marie Sheldon's unlimited abundance program can change your life!

Best Wishes, John M Powers
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