Law of attraction for kids
Every now and then, we manage to find something, that is creative, high-quality and truly unique.

I’m glad to tell you about some new downloadable e-books for kids on goal-setting and visualization, using the law of attraction

Imagine how your child’s future would be if you could give them, while they’re still young, all the tools they need to achieve their goals and fulfil their dreams.

Wouldn’t that feel fantastic to you as a parent?

Maybe you’d like to teach them, but aren’t sure how.

Winsome Coutts has brought together a team of mothers, grandmothers, schoolteachers, curriculum writers, and experts in self-help, visualization and goal setting to create a set of beautifully illustrated, downloadable books that will teach your child the secrets they need to know to fulfil their dreams and be happy and successful all their lives.

We all know that...
  • Kids learn when they’re having fun. They hardly know they are learning when they are enjoying themselves.
  • We can teach them when we have the tools and a plan.
  • We can encourage our kids to create their own goals, and NOT impose our ideas on them.
  • Happy children with high self-esteem and confidence look to the future with intention and clarity.
Winsome’s package includes two downloadable, colorful books (one for smaller children and one for older kids), as well as a downloadable, detailed parents’ guide.

Your child can learn the techniques of self-actualization that have inspired the wisest and most successful people down through the centuries.

Empower your children with these amazing e-books here:  The law of attraction for kids

To your success, John M Powers :o)

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