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Success Factor Pack
Boost your motivation to succeed using hypnosis.
Striving to achieve your goals can be tiring work. Especially when problems like procrastination waste valuable time, or self doubt causes you to stumble. The Success Factor bundle contains 5 hypnosis sessions carefully designed to give you the unconscious drive and belief you need to get where you're going.

Weight Management Pack

Develop the psychological approaches to food of naturally slim people. There's no doubt that much of weight management is psychological. We have carefully select the five hypnosis sessions in the Weight Management Pack to help you develop the psychological attitudes of people who manage their weight without any struggle.

Manage Your Money Pack

Difficult economic situations put pressure on everybody, highlighting any shortcomings in financial attitudes or money-management skills. If you need help tightening your belt, take a look at our new Manage Your Money Pack. How you spend your money can be a habit and habits can be broken and replaced with new, more financially astute behaviours. Marketing managers make use of our financial laziness and design offers to get you to spend more money than perhaps you intended or more importantly, can afford!

Heal Your Marriage PackGet some help Making Your Marriage Work with these powerful, gentle hypnosis downloads.
'For better or worse, good times and bad'. That's how many couples traditionally make their vows to each other at the start of their marriage, but these promises often prove hard to keep. No matter if you're newly wed or have many years together, learning how to love your partner in turbulent times can make your marriage successful and keep you from the divorce court.
Invest in your marriage, invest in your future!

Gain Social Excellence
Get from feeling awkard to feeling awesome in company, using relaxing hypnosis. New skills can be learned quickly using hypnosis. The one thing that will Ease Social Anxiety, is being relaxed. Not blissed out lying on the beach relaxed, but relaxed enough to leave a little bit of head space to come up with the funnies, or be topical or simply enjoy being part of a group. These 5 hypnosis sessions will transfer the skills and attitudes of those who find socializing as easy as breathing!

Find relief from the pain of a relationship breakdown and 
End of a Relationship Pack
feel optimistic about the future...Your cell phone rings but it's not them calling. You order lunch with dessert because something, anything might sweeten your day.  You're haunted by thoughts, feelings and memories of them because let's face it, that's all you have.  It's over. When a relationship ends, the emotional pain and recovery journey can be overwhelming. Sure there is a natural time to grieve and wallow a while, When a Relationship Ends, but when this is stopping you from living your life, it's time to look after yourself.

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