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Rigs Luthor said...

Very simple and easy.. Thanks.. its very inspiring to my penis enlargement program.

Devon England said...

Hey, thanks Rigs, and best wishes with the http://thebestproducts.info/penis-enlargement-a-general-advice/ Project ;)

malehanger said...

Well, you don't have to have surgery anyway. It is too risky and the potential rewards are usually only in flaccid size increases and not erect size increases. Most surgeons will tell you up front something along the lines of "I cannot guarantee an actual, permanent size increase after surgery, however you can "potentially" gain about 1 inch in erect length.....". They will also usually (especially after "lengthening" surgery) prescribe a "post op regimen" of sorts which requires some sort of device to be used to further encourage penis lengthening. "Results may vary" and the risks outweigh any potential reward. Not to mention the several thousand dollar price tag.


DiogoMart Mart said...

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