Become Spiritually Gifted

Be come spiritually gifted with these life changing, life-coaching programs.

Spiritually gifted audio programs, to help empower your life and the lives of others as a Spiritual Life-Coach!

Read Akashic Records is designed to help you see both the past and the future. Equip yourself with the hidden advantage that comes with knowing how the past will influence the future

The time has come to open the door to The Angelic Realms and the people you so dearly miss. You can reconnect  and feel everything you have lost since the day they passed

In the art of Astral Projection. You can design a whole new destiny in a world where time and space do not exist and your thoughts can manifest your reality at the speed of light

Designed to help you use auras to attract abundance, eliminate pain and enhance healing, The Auras Guide is an audio program consisting of 4 modules and a self hypnosis session

Are you ready to train your brain to function like a well oiled machine? Brain Power Control will serve you as your ever lasting source of positive energy

This is an audio program that consists of 4 modules and a powerful self hypnosis session. Study Chi is designed to help you heal your body, mind and soul

Discover the A-Z of Dream interpretation in Just 30 minutes per day! No other course on the market has a more comprehensive perspective on dream interpretation.

Ready to trade in your days of being spiritually obscure? Get the peace of mind and sense of purpose that you will experience when you practice with Guided Faith

Explore Handwriting will help you Analyse Anyone Simply By Reading Their Handwriting.

Designed To Give You Insight On Major Life Events And Life Changes. This Is An Audio Program Consisting Of 4 Modules And A Self Hypnosis Session.
Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know About A Person's Past, Present, And Future By Reading Their Palms.

Expand Your Psychic Abilities: Mind Reading, Predicting Future Events, Esp, Clairvoyance, And Much More. This Is An Audio Program Consisting Of 8 Modules And A Self Hypnosis Session.

Designed To Help You Enhance Your Health. This Is An Audio Program Consisting Of 4 Qi Gong Modules And A Self Hypnosis Session.
Study Reiki Will Guide You Step By Step In Harnessing The Immense Power Of Reiki.

All the tools and techniques you need to become an expert at meditation. You will learn how to become more spiritually aware and enlightened.

Third Eye Help: Experience the benefits and advantages that exist within the metaphysical world.
Designed To Help You Develop Creative Visualisation. This Is An Audio Program Consisting Of 4 Modules And A Self Hypnosis Session.

Coach Zodiac Is Designed To Help You Discover The Meaning Behind Your Zodiac Sign.


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