Wealth attraction trigger
The cool thing about hypnotic triggers is that they can do a great many things...

You can have a trigger that helps you get motivated to exercise...

You can have a trigger for zapping stress and boosting energy...

There is even one that helps you to earn (and keep) more money.

However, not everyone 'buys into' the idea of hypnotic triggers.

Some folks actually think it's all an act.

But the truth of the matter is that this idea of a sensation or word 'triggering' a different mental state isn't new, and it's not specific to Hypnosis.

If you've ever heard an addict talk about avoiding 'triggers' - it's very much the same thing.

It could be an emotion, or a smell, or a song - anything that would hot-wire their brain and make them crave another fix...

People who've lived through trauma can have triggers too -

There's a stereotype about Vietnam Vets with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), who suddenly have flashbacks to the war when they hear a sound like a gunshot -

But it's not limited to Veterans. with PTSD can have a trigger that makes them re-live their trauma.

The point to all this is, that triggers are a part of the way our brains work.

For good or ill, there's not much we can do to avoid them -

But what we can do is use them for our benefit, health and wellbeing and with the right tools, we can benefit from them financially too, using the wealth attraction trigger!

Best wishes, John M Powers
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